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    Takaful Mikro Indonesia
    TAKMIN telah resmi bergabung menjadi anggota ICMIF
    sejak tahun 2008.
    Takaful Mikro Indonesia
    Didirikan oleh tim yang dibentuk oleh Yayasan Peramu Bogor pada tanggal 10 Oktober 2005
    untuk melaksanakan program program Asuransi Mikro Syariah berbasis keagenan.
  • Takaful Mikro Sakinah
    Lembaga Keuangan Mikro Syariah
    Sebuah produk Takaful Pembiayaan yang sudah dimodifikasi ulang sehingga
    memenuhi keperluan Lembaga Keuangan Mikro Syariah.
    Takaful Mikro Sakinah
  • LKM
    Lembaga Keuangan Mikro
    Keuangan Mikro telah menjadi instrumen penting dalam menjangkau dan
    memberikan pelayanan jasa keuangan kepada masyarakat berpenghasilan rendah.
    Lembaga Keuangan Mikro

To uplift the welfare of low income households (men, women and children) through Micro Takaful development.


To develop Micro Takaful products and service mechanism of excellence that are affordable to low income households.

Commitment & Expectation

We are fully aware will not be able to do anything without the participation and cooperation with the MFI and MFI networks in Indonesia.

Partner with Takaful Indonesia (Partner - Agent Model) since February 2006

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Indonesia: Takmin Working Group Rolling Out Microtakaful

Indonesia: Takmin Working Group Rolling Out Microtakaful

Takaful Mikro Sakinah is one of Credit Life products that has purpose to settle debt of participants cause of death.By end of 2007, TAKMIN has completed Pilot Testing stage in conjunction with product testing of Takaful Mikro Sakinah (TMS) in 13 MFIs with 5.022 members.The next step which was in the beginning of 2008, TAKMIN has performed roll out to 10 districts around Java and one in Sumatera. This roll out activity covers socialization and introduction of TMS in general as well as conducting TMS administration training.There are currently 20 MFIs that have joined this program up to June 2008

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